Real Estate : An Entrepreneurial Venture Essay

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Real Estate: An Entrepreneurial Venture

Entrepreneurial spirit is common among real estate professionals. It is probably because, an individual gets to understand the business they love and enjoy the freedom of working with no limits. Since one can create a business model that suits their personal desires, manage their time and having their business niche. To be successful in a career such as a real estate person is just but the beginning of an entrepreneurial adventure. One must possess relevant skills acquired through continued education and experience in their career. Every sale requires proper marketing and excellent negotiation skills (Masters, 2006). When thinking about starting a real estate brokerage business; whether highly specialized or part of a franchise, there are many considerations to focus on. Such factors entail detailed planning, thorough research, and expert follow-through. Mission Statement To specialize as real estate agent and provide our customers with the best services in all aspects of residential transactions in North Bay Village, including the management of property, sale, purchase or connect the clientele to our business associates for delivery of expert services. Also, I will provide to the residents of the area and prospect buyers, free information on my website that will allow them to make the right decision, at the right time, when buying or selling a residential property. Competitors Real estate business has a great number of…

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