Real Beauty Campaign Analysis

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Analyzing “Real Beauty Campaign”
Overview of The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, some say, was a major success; but is it all that it could have been? Upon reading and researching the campaign, it is easy to assume campaign was indeed a success. Despite having successes within the campaign, it could have had been more successful. Had specific details and public relations procedures been executed or thought through the success of The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty could have been monumental.
The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is explained as a movement to help improve the self-esteem of women by redefining beauty. Dove initially explained that there would be minimal advertisements for both the campaign and a product they were simultaneously launching. They did not fully explain how they would manage to do such a feat until further into the campaign profile. Campaing is taking a very bold direction. By trying to help redefine beauty and launch a new product in the wake of a new understanding of beauty is very bold. Despite being bold, the campaign is realistic. The
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National morning television shows and popular magazines, evening television, local papers as well as a website. The mentioning of a website only once prior to this point is not good. It should have been mentioned earlier in the paper, more in depth. A simple sentence such as: “The campaign will reach out to women of all sorts through popular day-time talk shows, hands-on events as well as an interactive website.” A sentence as such mentions the use of a website while not dwelling on details of the website. Mentioning the success of the website before explaining the power of a website, creates the illusion that is a minor detail. A website served as a fundamental part of the success of the campaign, thus mentioning it in depth prior to this section of the portfolio should have been

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