Reagan Doctrine Research Paper

In another time of war, WWII, water would be a means of power and advancement. Once again Americans weren’t eager to get involved in war as many saw it as far and distant. It wasn’t until we were attacked at Pearl Harbor that our perception of the war changed. The United States knew that an attack was going to happen in the Pacific but they didn’t know where or when until it happened on December 7, 1941. Japanese planes bombed the naval base in Hawaii and flew into ships. Naval warfare in the pacific was constant and sometimes would go back and forth. German submarines sank hundreds of allied ships during the Battle of the Atlantic. In May 1942 the American Navy turned away a Japanese fleet that was going to attack Australia, months later the …show more content…
The Reagan Doctrine was a strategy to overwhelm the Soviet Union in the final years of the Cold War. The US would aid anti-communist guerillas and resistance movements that would undermine Soviet-backed regions of the world like Africa, Asia and Latin America. Under Carter the US would help the Afghan Mujahideen and when Reagan became president he would have their leaders in the White House. Arming the Contras in Nicaragua, Savimbi’s UNITA in Angola and the Mujahadeen would all be part of the Reagan doctrine. All this taking place across the globe. Reagan is usually credited with ending the Cold War however recent scholars have argued that the effects of his doctrine led to the rising of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden. The Reagan Doctrine continued into the Bush Sr. presidency in 1989. When Bush Sr. became president they were in the last year of the Cold War and then the Gulf War happened. When Iraq invaded Kuwait the US and other nations sent troops to fight in the Gulf War. The United States would deploy the most troops totaling over 540,000 to fight in the war. The war was also known as Operation Desert Storm. The war ended when Saddam Hussein the leader of Iraq recognized Kuwait’s sovereignty and would need to get rid of all their weapons of mass destruction. When Bush senior’s presidency ended and Clinton took over his emphasis was on free

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