Ready Player One By Ernest Cline Essay

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Ready Player One had swept the world by surprise and has all the gamers and non-gamers hooked with his unique writing style. The book was only released four years ago and has remained popular ever since. Ernest Cline, the author of “Ready Player One” has incorporated many unique aspects that separates a good book from a great book. The time and effort that he had put into creating the book was astonishing, since this was the only book that integrated many old references. Such as, “Star Trek”, “Joust”, “Max Max” and etc. The sources included in “Ready Player One” exceeds over 100 references towards the past and pop culture. Referencing that many sources is quite an accomplishment towards the author, since he dedicated a vast majority of his time to write the novel. With the amount of effort that he took to finish his first novel, Cline has demonstrated that he is a writer that is beyond the scope of our era. The plot takes place within a dystopian world set in the year 2044 and this is the era when virtual reality exists. Wade Watts, a secluded genius set as the main character never could have felt more alive then living in the virtual world. From their he spends the vast majority of his time researching and collecting data on Halliday James (creator of the virtual world) as well as the pop culture from the 80’s. Shortly after, the creator of OASIS (virtual world) uploaded his will to the world and has promised them that if one person was able to solve his puzzle then that…

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