Essay about Reading Writing And Writing Old English

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Hard to Read and write In life there are a lot of thing that you find or will find difficult. Although I am American who’s my first language is not English, I found reading the old English is hard to read and write. There are many reasons why I would find reading and writing old English hard. It is hard because it is not my first language, the grammar, and vocabulary. The first reason why I found reading and writing in old English is hard, because I am not a native American who learn how to read and write from the beginning of my life in English. Also, I just came to united state three years ago and know quite enough to manage myself in speaking and writing during shopping, traveling and in college but not enough to understand that old language meaning of English. An example would be of old English is Shakespeare in literature in his novel .One of his fames saying is to be or not to be and to understand that you need a lot of knowledge and searching. Never the less, it is even harder if I search deeper and deeper and look inside the idioms an example would be the sky rain dog and cat which means that it is an awful weather outside.

The second reason why I found it hard to read and write in English because of the rule and grammar that I do not have in my own language. An example would be the missing of the dual in the language .In English we have singles and pleural only and in ours we have singular, dual and pleural. Another example that I always found problems in…

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