Reading Vs. E Books Essay

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From the paper book to the e-book, not only the technology has changed, the audiences’ feeling and attitude towards reading also changed. Investigating how the audiences evaluate about the e-books compared with paper books can help to analyse the differences between paper book reading and e-book reading and evaluate the e-book reading culture. From the audiences’ perspective, e-book reading has many attractive advantages which paper book reading cannot achieve. When came about e-book reading, interviewees often use words such as convenient, cheap, space-saving and variety.
“The most exciting thing which the Kindle brings to me is that I can store a bookcase of books in one device and put it in my bag. For a person like me who move often and love reading, e-book reading has solved a big problem when I move from one place to another.” (Wang)
“If I could read an e-book for free, why spend money to buy the paper book?” (Guan)
“I can get an e-book on the internet whenever I want without going to a bookstore. And once I bought an e-book, I can start reading it immediately.” (Xiang)
“Some network literature can be only read online. And the electronic edition of some books which have already out of print can be easily found on the internet.” (Zheng)
Although all the interviewees considered that e-book reading has many advantages, they also claimed that they prefer paper book reading. Reading experience is a collection of different senses for many paper book readers.…

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