Reading Vs. Digital Reading Essay examples

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Over the years the art of reading has been present in the life of the human being as a necessary activity either as entertainment or as inform. With the advent of digital technology, the process of reading has changed. Ebooks are substituting physical books. Although there is a greater tendency to digital reading, a paper book provides the feeling of reality and high quality of sense. The idea is not to establish a winner, it is just analyze the best option to read.
In the first place, we need to know the concrete pros of reading a hard copy book and reading electronically. Digital reading has some tangible advantages such as size, font options, brightness and cost. One of the greatest things is the size, you can fit hundreds on one small device. Also, most ebooks let you adjust the font size to your liking, you can have anything from huge and easy to read to super small which lead to less page turning. Some ebooks also let you change the color and font type to make the font easier on the eyes. Likewise, people have the ability to change the screen brightness or come with a built in light which makes it easier to read in any lighting condition, from dark nights to bright days outside. Often time ebooks are cheaper than there print counterparts, and many classics are even offered for free. This helps you to save some money.
According Naomi S. Baron, professor of linguistics and executive at American University. Reading on digital screens is convenience, easy to carry…

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