Essay about Reading Is Not A Student

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Reading is not genuinely reading if a student does not understand what he or she has read. Numerous battling student readers can perceive and claim words from print, but cannot comprehend or answer questions about what they have just read. Tenth through twelfth grade students’ in particular have problems with their reading comprehension. “Half of Florida 's high school grads cannot read at grade level, says Bill Proctor.” (Sherman, Half of Florida 's High School Grads) “Half of 10th Graders failed FCAT 2.0 Reading.”(Jordan, Half of 9th And 10th Graders) “American high school students are reading books at 5th-Grade.”(Zhao, American High School Students) These problems impact many students. If half of high school studies cannot read at grade level, then it is no wonder that only half of these students passed the FCAT. Since only half of them pass the FCAT in tenth grade they either passed it in the next two years or fail for that year. But there are ways to improve the reading comprehension level. Preview what you have read before reading. This can provide important background information and prior knowledge that helps students’ tap into what they already know about the material. During reading, the use of metacognition, or reflecting on one’s knowledge is helpful. Also take notes while you are reading. After reading, summarize what you have read. Also discusses what you have read. Even though the reading comprehension level can be raised by students by following these steps I…

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