How Reading Has Affected My Life

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Reading brings peace and warmth throughout the body and mind. When I read I envision

myself in the story. Reading stories and books that are filled with details paint a picture of the

event or scenery being described. Imagination is key. However, it was not always like that. At a

younger age, there was a time where I wanted to be an author. Then I later realized that writing a

story is much more complicated than reading one. The progression of my reading skills greatly

affected my experiences throughout my early childhood stages, my middle school years, and after

being a high school graduate.

When I was younger, reading felt like a chore. Being forced to read had its ups and downs.

For example, I would get better at reading and improving
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As times

got closer to middle school, I started pushing back reading and telling my parents white lies that I

read half of the book when I only read a couple pages. My procrastination started with reading.

My middle school years were quite the same. Endless summer reading books and the

thought of reading something as uninteresting as an adolescent girl 's love life would leave me

cringing at even the thought of reading another page. Others would grip me into their universe and

only let me escape to perform the duties of a normal person. Being a procrastinator, I would

always leave the summer readings until the last week before school. There was one night where I

had the first day of school the following morning, and I had to read eleven chapters. The next day

my head was throbbing immensely. I remembered that day as my first headache due to reading.

Unlike most children who would just forget about the book, I did not. My grades were always the

most important, even if it involved me reading to death. I would read a whole book, run on

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