Reading Comprehension Is Incredibly Complex And Multifaceted Essay

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Reading comprehension is just one component of the act of reading that is comprised of two primary components: vocabulary knowledge and text comprehension. Understanding when reading comprehension begins occurs prior to the mastery of reading. This continuum practice is developed through components that consider a child’s level of development, and individual knowledge without sequence. With every strategy are sub- categories that is strongly encourage not be taught in isolation but taught over a period of time by teachers and parents. “Reading comprehension is incredibly complex and multifaceted”(Reading Institute Resources).
For the purpose of this review it will focus on three critical areas necessary to develop students’ abilities to grasp what they need to develop their comprehension to read. Although this is not an exhausted list these are areas that align it with strategies and practices that is reinforced continually throughout life as students become more diverse, and complex that is applied to in different content area, that carries their own challenges. For example mathematics utilizes its own challenges and vocabulary different from what they are typically exposed to in an English Language Arts (ELA) course. The following reading strategies aligns itself with the recommendations of improving reading comprehension of the Institute of Education Science (IES Practice Guide with a primary focus of recommendations 1 -3 that will be examined further. These critical…

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