Reading Books Vs. Watching Movies Essay

753 Words Oct 6th, 2015 4 Pages
When asking a group of people whether they prefer reading books or watching movies, the responses will vary. In any case, some people will prefer reading books, and some will prefer watching movies. While reading books and watching movies are both entertaining pastimes, it is certain that they are exceedingly different. Although books and movies have many differences, they have many factors that are alike, as well. In the world today, book reading is not as popular as it once was. Reading an interesting book is one of the greatest experiences anyone can partake in, but reading is not an experience that everyone enjoys. Depending on the book a person chooses to read, reading may take a great deal of time. To many, reading a long and enthralling book is an invigorating experience. However, some feel that reading a lengthy book can waste valuable time. No matter how long it takes, reading a book is always captivating to the imagination. When reading a book, the reader has the full power to decide what the scenery and characters look like to him or her. Books give everyone the chance to let their imaginations roam. In addition to this, books always provide extensive amounts of detail regarding the characters and their feelings about the plot. The details given in books allow readers to have a better understanding of a book 's story and emotional content. Furthermore, while reading a book, the reader is often given a point of view that is different from their own. Reading…

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