Reading And Writing : Writing Essay

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Reading and writing is a way that people can express themselves in a unique way. Reading and writing has been a popular hobby for people over a course of many years and a source of great entertainment. People write stories as a way of entertaining themselves and some sell these writings and end up making great profit from it. Some writers create beautiful poems and share their feelings through these poems to different audiences. There are many people that write because they can put their feelings or thoughts into words better than they can by verbally expressing it to someone. For me personally, reading and writing has been a way for me to learn how to express my feelings, reactions, or gratitude to events or people that came in and out of my life. My experience with reading and writing can be described in the form of letters to relatives, the frustration of forming a perfect essay or message, keeping a journal of how I am feeling about life, and my experience with writing assignments in college. I 'll start with the beginning. As I went through grade school, I discovered that it was easy for me to read several paragraphs about a topic and write several paragraphs on that topic in a short period of time. One example of this is with writing assessments in high school. Depending on the topic I was able to write a five paragraph essay with ease. A form of writing that I have enjoyed is writing letters to my relatives. This has been something that I have done since I was about…

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