Reading And Writing On The Lives Of All Individuals Essay

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Reading and writing is an important aspect in the lives of all individuals. With reading and writing there are many levels of love and hate, and as much as I hate to say it, I was on the hate side for a very long time. Strangely enough, a teacher I had in high school, Mr. Shafer, change my whole outlook on writing. Mr. Shafer was the type of person who truly loves his job and the young adults he was teaching. He would walk into class so energetic, as if he drank a full pot of coffee, which he actually would do on occasion. His English 2 course was the class that everyone was scared to attend, but we were all so scared to skip as well. The first day of class we receive the syllabus, and all I notice were all the reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking we had to do. Needless to say I was terrified. After he explained we would get class time and conferences with him. I was apprehensive, but not as nervous as I was when I first saw the course schedule. The next day approached quickly, and there I was sitting in my desk thinking of how badly I wanted out of this class. The first writing assignment was on the white board. The prompt stated: “Good morning students! Today is the day where all the fun begins, so sit in your assigned seat and keep reading. Today you and your classmates will be creating a story that each of you must play a part in. You will have ten minutes to write the introduction and then switch seats. Then you will have ten minutes to read your…

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