Reading And Writing Of Reading Books Essay

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Growing up as a child, I have always enjoyed reading books and writing. As I got older I began to lose interest in reading. It seemed to me that the words were becoming harder to pronounce, and the long words were discouraging because I didn’t know the meaning of some words. I have always been good at writing, but I have never been a huge fan of reading. Reading and writing are both significant skills that are needed to get by in life. Having the knowledge to read and be highly educated in this world today will get you a long way. Reading and writing both play a major part in our daily lives today. We communicate by using both skills whether you are texting or, emailing, and if you are unable to do so it can affect you in life.
In Elementary School I loved to go to the school’s library and check out books. Reading books was a big competition in my younger school days because they would have us students check out accelerated reader (a.r) books from the library, and test on the book on the computers. The accelerated reading program was designed to encourage students to read and achieve great literature skills. Each month students would have to reach a certain amount of points to get an award, and a prize. Sometimes the teachers would throw students an ice cream party, pizza party, or even a free recess day for their great a.r points. As a little girl I had a big imagination, and I loved reading books that enclosed lots of images and colors so I could actually visualize what…

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