Reading And Writing Level Of Students Essay

735 Words Dec 15th, 2016 3 Pages
The reading and writing level of students in low income areas is significantly lower than students living in middle or high class areas. Nearly 50% of students at Dean Peterson Elementary School are considered to be below average in reading and writing. It is vital that students who are not up to speed get the extra help and encouragement they deserve from volunteers and tutors. Many factors play a role in creating the below-average reading level of students in low income areas. “Disruption of health, language development, family, and classroom factors increases the risk that reading will be delayed or impeded, a phenomenon particularly prevalent in impoverished urban and rural neighborhoods and among disadvantaged minority populations” (Kainz). If this issue were to solved, more students would be likely to stay in school and not drop out before graduating. More students would also go to college and crime rate would decrease. I addressed this social issue by volunteering at Dean Peterson Elementary School and assisting students who need help with improving their comprehension skills. I will address this problem in the future by becoming an elementary school teacher and doing my best to ensure that all of my students are up to speed in reading and writing. I will go the extra mile to help the students who are behind. My door will be wide open to students volunteers from The University of Las Vegas since I plan on teaching in a low income school. I volunteered at Dean…

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