Argumentative Essay: The Value Of Homework

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In this day and age, certain high school districts have ceased homework as being a grade and since then students have been failing their classes as a result of this change. Because of this, students lack the goal of doing said homework and feel as though that they don’t have any consequences with the entire situation as a whole. Although, homework may not be a grade, other high school districts claim that students should not even have homework at all or reinventing a way to make homework less time- consuming and easier to understand. Some students think that doing homework can not only receiving better grades but can be helpful in a tight pinch if they are at risk of failing a class.

The outcome of a student not doing their homework is because
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Gordon Green illustrates that reading and writing homework can be essential and by the instructor’s feedback can “determine how well the student perform well on tests, and ultimately, how efficient a student are in their course” (211). Green believes that reading and writing homework is something that students should be present for because if the student was absent, they will find himself or herself falling behind with a backlog giving him or her a lot of pressure in completing it in one sitting. Jennifer Davis acknowledges that students resist in doing that type of homework are because of how it can either be too long to finish, the value of that aforementioned homework is misunderstood to the point where he or she loses the concept of the homework altogether, the feedback of the homework is not provided by their instructor, the student does not have a homework plan and can’t think of the appropriate time to start and when to finish it at a moderate, steady pace (“Why Students Don’t Do Their Homework”). Green comments that students doing writing assessments either for a mathematics or a science test is that some questions may or may not involve him or her to evaluate how the answer is correct or justifying an answer that compensates in a math problem or scientific formulas and such

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