Reading And Writing Are Basic Skills For Every College Students

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1: Reading and writing are basic skills for every college students. These two skills are so important that every universities have composition courses for its students. College students are expected to read hundreds of pages long reading materials and write highly professional research papers. Every college students would say they know how to read and write. However, few of them knows how to read and write effectively.

Everyone feel overwhelmed when they face hundreds of pages reading at a week. While some people are able to absorb the essential information of paper in short time, other students poured all their time reading the book but failed to remember a world. The difference comes from different reading methods. In my opinion, those students who use less time finishing reading with better result all used “active reading”. It is composed of two strategies Firstly, searching topic sentence. In majority of reading, we did not even need to read the whole passage to understand authors’ ideas. Given the limited time, the best way to look materials is to read the topic sentence and summary authors ideas. By doing so, we are able to catch authors’ ideas effectively. Secondly, taking notes. My teacher always told us that writing and reading is a unity. Taking notes helps you to remember the context in more details therefore helps you form long-term memory. Since reading is a highly personal thing, everyone has a lot of personal experience that they can related with the book.…

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