Reading And Reading: The Importance Of Books

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Books are a gigantic source of knowledge and entertainment. The motives why people read are diverse: pleasure, curiosity, ought, or simply to get information of current events. Readers can be classified in two generic groups according to how frequently they read. Frequent readers are those who read six books or more per year, while infrequent readers read less than five. Nowadays, with the implacable development of technology and all media, the increasing number of non-readers is notorious. Games, movies, and series, have gained so much popularity, that people actually prefer to learn about Shakespeare by watching an audiovisual rather than by reading his works. This is really a shame, because while it is true that it takes less time and intellectual effort to take this option, it diminish the vocabulary, the creativity and the imagination. In return, the benefits for being a reader are significant, and it is considered one of the most effective habits to educate ourselves. Consequently, with more reading people can acquire a significant number of …show more content…
Nowadays almost any major event from the last two centuries can be found on books, allowing readers to carefully review past events and learn from errors and mistakes. By reading books, individuals can get to know not only the facts of the stories; but also details about the historical period in the work, the kind of society, and the customs of the people. In only one novel, by entering to the marvelous realm of the author 's psyche, a whole world can be discovered. As wiser people become, the more they will be prepared to face any challenge in life. Knowledge is the only thing no one can never took away from a person, it is a treasure that stays with him until the very end. For this reason, acquiring knowledge by reading books regularly is one of the best buys we can achieve with our most expensive currency:

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