Readiness of School Heads and Teachers in the Implementation of Mother Tongue in Grade I

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“Children need to have access to and control over the language of power both in school and in society in order to overcome the current inequity in the world.” * Prof. Roderick Motril Aguirre, Professor De La Salle University

Teaching as a profession assumes different meanings and definitions and it is always depending on the practitioners’ ultimate goal. Accepting it as an art does not lessen the concern for the methods and techniques employed in transmitting knowledge.
Teaching should be adjusted to the needs of the learners. As such, it is imperative to determine first the difficulties and needs so that whatever materials a teacher purports to design should be in accordance with these
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Theoretical Framework
This study anchors the following theories professed by the writers who demonstrated expertise this line.

Figure 1. Theoretical Framework
The framework shows three different theories that link students’ knowledge acquisition; Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory, Piaget’s social cognitive theory and Experiential and Knowledge Acquisition Theory of Dewey.

Piaget , a famous Swiss psychologist, (Gurin, 2009), stressed that children actively construct their own cognitive worlds; information is not just poured into their minds from the environment. In her theory the focus was on cognitive development. The general principles of Piaget’s theory include the following. He felt that intelligence is an aid in how one adapts to the environment. Intelligence can be displayed on a continuum and is shown as one has increasingly complex responses to their environment. Equilibration refers to how development occurs through stages – a process of cognitive development in which children seek a balance between the information and experiences they encounter.
As stated by Vygotsky (1978), every function in the child’s cultural development appears twice: first, on the social level, and later, on the individual level; first between people (inter-psychological) and then inside the

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