Essay about Reader's Response : "Blue Collar Brilliance"

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December 2, 2013
Professor Gary Pullman
Readers Response 1: “Blue-Collar Brilliance”
In “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” Mike Rose observes his mother, Rosie and his mother’s brother, Joe, in their occupations(96). Rose explains how his mother uses complex learning strategies and adaptation to fully excel in her blue-collar occupation. Rose explains how Rosie devised elaborate memory strategies while grouping and sequencing tasks in her head to become more efficient to “make every move count (97). Rosie used critical thinking skills to solve problems that arose, at an instant while taking into account the emotional state of her co-workers.
Rose explains how Rosie became fluent at reading social cues and managing
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Rose concludes that a mind capable of applying its entire self, even without formal education, to seek out and solve problems while constantly learning something new, is a mind worthy of a democratic society.
I, personally, agree with Rose’s argument. I believe that hands on experience, depending on the ability of one’s mind to adapt, may be more effective than learning through a book first. I believe one learns by doing. As I grew up, I was always taught, “you’ll never know until you try.” This, I never fully understood until I had come across problems of my own. I was able to read, and study things pertaining to my problem but never really solved the problem until I
“tried”. Taking the problem and putting my handwork and knowledge to use created better results than reading and studying the problem alone. I’ve discovered over the years that one can never fully understand how any object or idea works until it has been physically applied or broken down. I believe that one can only learn through experience and experience can only be gained through trial and error.
In accordance to Rose’s assumptions, I believe that even without formal teaching, the human brain always has the ability to absorb and process thing. One would only have to allow their brain to do so. Humans grow through hands-on experience. Without this experience, our generation would not be as evolved as it is.

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Rose explains that a mind willing to experience

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