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Abortion is a topic that is very hard for me to talk about. It is one of those subjects that when people talk about it, conversations can get heated easily. Abortion is the act of using various types of procedures to kill a baby in the mother’s womb. This can take place anytime during the nine months of pregnancy, although most abortions are completed in the first trimester of the pregnancy. I completely disagree with the killing of an innocent baby just because it may be inconvenient for the mother at that time in her life. At the same time, on rare occasions abortion may be the only option to save the mother in a life or death situation. Even though I do not agree with abortion, this may be the only way to save her life. Although I do …show more content…
I really would have hoped to talk about it more so I could understand why some people believe abortion is the best alternative. There are other options that can be considered before making the choice to abort a fetus. In this paper, I hope to express my thoughts on abortion and the reasons I oppose it as an option for dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. I also will discuss ways to prevent a pregnancy from happening in the first place. First of all, I am a Christian and the Bible clearly states in Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder” and Proverbs 6:16-17 states, there are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to Him, haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood”. By reading these verses, I am convinced that abortion is a sin. There are many sins that a person can commit and all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Certainly, I believe that abstinence is the best choice before marriage; there are ways to prevent a pregnancy from happening in the first place. Of course I understand that there are special cases where a person has been raped and they had no choice in the pregnancy. People should be more responsible and think about the consequences of having unprotected sex and if they choose to participate, they should be adequately …show more content…
It acknowledged that women’s health clinics in the state of Alabama are going through a difficult time. Since 2010, state legislatures have passed more that 250 laws restricting abortion clinics and their doctors. These restrictions have made it very difficult for the abortion clinics to keep their doors open to the public. If the clinics refuse to follow the outlined guidelines, they will be forced to close their doors. There are only three of these clinics in Alabama; they are located in Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa. This limits the availability of care to some people who are unable to travel to these cities because of transportation or finances.
Be that as it may, I continue to feel very strongly about the subject of abortion. As a Christian, I believe that for me, there would never be a reason to abort a baby. However, I realize that in certain cases abortion may be the only way for the mother to live. In Job 10:8-12 it says “Your hands shaped me and made me. You gave me life.” Abortion takes away the life which is a truly wonderful gift from

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