Reaction Paper About Occupational Therapy

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Ben is a quit little boy about the age of seven. He is about average height and weight for his age. He looks like the rest of the children. Ben wears glasses, but like most children he has to be reminded to put his glasses on. Ben is a lower level learning student. He receives extra help for math and reading in which he receives every day. He also receives occupational therapy once a week. Some of the stuff that occupational therapy works on is how he holds his pencil, his penmanship, and fine motor skills. I sat down to talk with Ben and the children in his pod; I would ask them some random questions like: what did you have for breakfast? Each child replied except Ben. It seemed like he was not interested in any conversation with me. As …show more content…
He had found a set of blocks that he could make three dimensional shapes with. He took the blocks to a desk away from all of the rest of the students. He sat down contently playing with the blocks all by himself. Ten minutes later, a second student came by him to play with the blocks. Ben quickly picked up the blocks and found another desk away from all of the other students. As he proceeded to play with the items again, a third student came by to play with the blocks. This time Ben yelled out “leave my blocks alone, they are mine!” The other student left him alone. As a fourth student came to play with the blocks, the Ben scrambled to pick up the blocks, but the fourth child did manage to grab one. This made him mad, and he began to cry. Ben watched this fourth child until he set the block down, when he did Ben went and took the block back. By this time the teacher noticed Ben not allowing other children to play blocks with him. She then reminded him that the blocks are for everyone to play with. She also asked Ben how it would make him feel if another student would not let him play with the blocks. This made Ben think. About five minutes after the teacher had the conservation with him, he allowed others to join in playing with the blocks. The children worked together to construct a three dimensional triangle with a cube connected to it. Ben had become obsessed with these blocks and just wanted to be left alone to have them to himself. With the help from the teacher he joined in sharing and playing with the other

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