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Race and Crimes
Raymond Washington
Strayer University
CRJ 105 Crime And Criminal Behavior
Dr. Robert Roth
October 19, 2015

In America today race plays a major role on how disciplines of criminology and criminal justice are used. Especially for African Americans who made up roughly 27 percent of arrest in the United States which is 1 out of 4 of every young black male. Research shows that this problem it’s only becoming worse and the outcome of a racist criminal justice system could lead to more unwarranted arrest.
Race is a relatively arbitrarily social defined status. In the United States race and ethics classification system have inherent a problem of biased, racial profiling and discrimination. This contention revolves on why and
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Of the total, ten alleged repeated bites of suspects once under police control, or while cuffed or on the ground".
Race and crime needs to be research in-depth because the problem continue to exist with little to no changes being made. Race plays a major role in how the police will treat someone. Being black and unarmed seems to be even more reason to kill them. Just last year over 100 unarmed black people were killed by police. For example, Michael dozer of Bakersfield California was allegedly acting erratically at a gas station when he walked towards and police officer. The officer then opened fire and killed Mr dozer because the officer believed he was being aggressive. Another case that involved Eric Garner who was choked to death by police officer for selling single cigarettes on the corner. He told the officer repeatedly he couldn’t breathe and officer didn’t stop. He was pronounced dead at the scene the officer was not charge responsible for his actions. These are just two cases of many cases that are going on in America as we speak. There’s no justification for extreme force and there is no justice being served. The biggest challenge is finding the corruption that plagues the justice system and law enforcement agencies.
The point of this research is to make people aware of the in injustices going on in United States. Race and color shouldn’t matter, the only thing that

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