Re-Organization and Layoffs Essay

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Re-organization and Layoff: Issue and Problem Identification

April 3, 2016

According to Bouw’s article (2013), she discusses the issues of improper managing and administration in the event of a company layoff. Mismanaged cutbacks begin with the Human Resources Department themselves. The article states their lack of education, training, and company knowledge, is the reasoning for these incidents. When a manager isn’t properly prepared for a cutback, it can possibly affect the company as a whole. "It's traumatic to the remaining staff - the survivors - and can create fear and resentment"- Mr. Swartz.
The company needs to look at all options before they decide to do layoffs or terminate employment. The cut backs can be done in
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The lack of education, training, and company knowledge impact how all matters related to the company will be handled. Jobs have minimum requirements, and use them as measuring and elimination tool. If the minimum requirements for a job are not met, the hiring department will not request an interview. Without education, one lacks basic skills. As a greater setback, that same person will not be able obtain or master advanced skills. Van Thompson (2016) tells us,
“The longer you spend in academia, the better your writing, reading, comprehension and communication skills will become. Writing, research and classes can also improve your computer skills, which are key in a competitive job market. You’ll also become accustomed to interacting with a wide variety of people,” (2016).
A lack of training and company knowledge means that an employee does not know what the company represents no what is expected of them. Decisions could be made that go against the company’s standards of beliefs. Misunderstandings can become common. These factors and many others can lead to employee loss, income loss, and unproductivity. This is an underlying problem because companies only seem to care about its production, or how much money the company is making. Companies do not seem to put enough emphasis in how it handles laying off an employee. Companies do not put enough time into

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