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Want to give your child a little off-road entertainment? Turn to the Razor dune buggy, the ultimate in electric-powered backcountry cruising. Outfitted with a powerful 350-watt motor designed to reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour, the buggy is fast enough for serious fun, but slow enough that it won't compromise your child's safety. Parents will also appreciate the side roll cage, which creates a barrier between the rider and the outside, and the padded bucket seat, which includes a seatbelt for added security. And thanks to the buggy's specially designed reduction drive, the vehicle is capable of both lower torque climbing and high torque gearing. Perhaps the coolest feature,
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His mom was very happy too! It runs in the yard on the street, and steers great. I want to take it back to the store so I can buy it again! Really though, what a delight.

I bought the Razor Dune Buggy for my 8 year old son for Christmas. I looked at other dune buggies but was not at all interested in gas powered ones (way to smelly and dangerous). I was looking for something that did NOT look like a toy (no Fisher Price plastic ride-on electric motorcycle type stuff). But I also did not want something that was too powerful. This Razor buggy is perfect. It goes fast enough to give him a thrill but not so fast to make me worry. It charges up overnight and he can ride it for 45 minutes which is plenty of time. From the picture of the buggy it looks short, like your child's knees will be bent when riding it. Turns out, it fits him just fine (he's average height for an 8 year old), he is perfectly comfortable on it and his knees are not bent too much and they are not in the way of the steering wheel. We've owned it for 2 months and love it. IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW: if the weather is going to be below 32 degrees outside at night you can't leave it outside (or even in the

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