Ray Charles Essay example

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Ray Charles

Is it justifiable or not for him to take gospel music and turn the song into secular songs? Explain whether it was right or wrong.
What motivated Ray Charles to experiment with so many genres of music?
Was Ray Charles responsible for Margie Hendrix’s early death? Why/Why not?
Use one word to describe Ray Charles and explain why.

It was justifiable for Ray Charles to take gospel music and turn the song into secular because a new generation was arising. In a community where different genres of music are seen as competition in the music industry, Ray wanted to stand out. The best way to achieve this he had to cause controversy. By remixing and old time favourite gospel track, he gained popularity both negative and
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Ray Charles was not completely responsible for Margie’s death. As a womanizer, he knew how to toy with females so that they would get them but he never knew the extent of the effect he had. Margie grew this love for Ray but in the end he was married but that didn’t stop her. She pressured Ray to marry by any means necessary and that was her downfall. She wanted to get notice and she did it in the wrong way possible. Doing drugs with him was only going to destroy their relationship because she was slowing becoming obsessed with him. She was blinded by love and didn’t take in to consideration the value of her life. She just didn’t understand nor accept the fact that Ray wasn’t going to marry her any time soon. This was a breaking point and where she realized that there was no point and just gave up.
A word to strongly descried Ray Charles would be submissive. Ray was known as a womanizer who had different girls like they were a pair of underwear when a female came into his as a major role, he would always listen to what they had to say. In the beginning of his career when Ray was in his Nat King Cole phase, his first wife didn’t like the style of music he was doing. Once she told him he eventually stops mimicking Nat and changed his style. When Margie Hendrix was on road with Ray, she would have a say on what he sang and the songs he wrote. He never doubted what she said but always complied to the opinions she had. He never considered the repercussions of

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