Ray A Kroc Case Study

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McDonald’s was founded by two brothers Mac and Dick McDonald, but this are not the authors of the empire. Mac and Dick McDonald had a movie theater in the earlier 1930s before working at placing sets of movies in Hollywood Movies Studio. After a time they discovered that the business was not going to produce the money they want, at that time they saw that a local hot dogs restaurant has many clients, so they start his new company in 1937 in a small local selling hot dogs few town away. After 3 years they moved to San Bernandino, California, to open a drive-in restaurant called “McDonald’s”. After the World War II, the two brothers had noticed that the people look the world in another way, they want to be rewarded for win the war, they want …show more content…
Kroc we can say that he was a visionary man that help a little company to became one of the most known in the world. Ray designed and created the “multimixer”, he sold it to many restaurants but once all restaurants have it the sells start to go down. No more restaurants need a “multimixer” at that time, but when he heard that a little restaurant need 8 of his machines, he took a fly direct to San Bernandino to know this company that need all this machines to produce 40 milkshakes at the time. When he know the restaurant and met the owners, he had the expansion idea of the company, but he had to do it by himself. He put all the effort to make known this brand in many places, by the time this company starts to be a successful and grow up. Later Ray, as the visionary start to focus his projects in order to attract customers to McDonald`s. And when the company seems as a very good option of investment, Ray bought all the actions of McDonald`s from the …show more content…
All promote a big company and are members of it. Ray promotes the slogan “In business for yourself, but not by yourself”.
McDonald`s nowadays is an empire, focused in the marketing. McDonald`s want everybody to know this brand of fast food restaurants. And this company didn`t stop selling hamburgers, now there is a new modality of this brand named “McCafe”. Many people have McDonald`s in their minds, and also go to eat there more than 4 times per month. In the mind of the people and in the daily life words are “McFlurry”, “BigMac”, Ronald McDonald`s, etc. This company also supports some events to make his brand more known in the society and for calling customers.
Although McDonald`s is a restaurant that sells junk food and many people are against this company for the bad things they do to the society and the environment, McDonald`s know how to deal with it; McDonald`s support some events that are related to the kids, the sports, the society, the help to others, so when you know that side of McDonald`s you give a better reputation to this brand and go eat there with friends. With this kind of actions McDonald`s grow as a company and expand its restaurants to many parts of the

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