Raw Material : Two Sweet Varieties Of Apricot Essay

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Raw material: Two sweet varieties of Apricot (Prunus Armeniaca L.) namely Marghulam and Halman fully ripened fruits were collected from Gilgit Baltistan region in Northern Areas of Pakistan. Apricots were sun dried under open condition (26-34+4 C, RH 41-52%) for 16-19 days. The sun dried Apricots were packed in polyethylene bags containing 01Kg of dried fruit. Further The dried samples obtained were ground to a fine powder and stored at 5°C in air-tight containers prior to further analysis.
Sample Preparation: Grounded samples of 10 g were extracted using 70% of ethanol (100 mL 1:10 w/v)) twice at room temperature for 24h and 6 h respectively. The mixture obtained were subsequently filtered with Whatman No. 5 filter paper. Filtrate obtained was concentrated using rotary evaporator at 55 C and stored at −20°C until further analysis. The Percent composition for moisture, crude fat, crude protein, ash content, crude fiber, and nitrogen free extract were performed as described by (Chandi, G.K. and D.S. Sogi, 2007) and the Biological activity measurements were done in triplicate.
Moisture content of fruit parts were estimated by AOAC method (No. 930.15). Ten grams of sample was weighed separately in pre weighed glass Petri dishes and dried in hot air oven (80-95oC) for 3 hours. The dishes were then transferred to desiccator, cooled to room temperature and recorded the weight. The drying was continued till the final weight become stable. The weight differences were noted and the…

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