Rationing On The Homefront During Wwii Essay

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Rationing on the Homefront during WWII World War Two is remembered as being the most deadly war in the history of the world. To be exact approximately 60 million people died in the war(about 3 percent of the world’s population.) World War II lasted from 1941-1945 for the United States once they declared war on Japan. Right away when the United States entered the war, people were urged to ration. Whether someone liked it or not they had to ration in some way. A war is remembered for being all about the soldiers on the battlefield shooting weapons, however, there was so much effort put in by the citizens of America on the homefront to make ends meet for everyone. For all we know, these citizens may or may not have won the war, but that is why I am going to write this paper to prove that all these citizens actually did something for WWII and they have a major effect on not only the lives of themselves and their family, but the soldiers fighting out on the battlefield. Everything that happened in the war one way or another is connected to rationing in someway. On January 30, 1942, the Emergency Price Control Act granted the Office Price of Administration(OPA) the authority to set price limits and ration food in order to make sure prices stayed the way they were, and make sure everyone got what they need. Rationing means that someone or something is only allowed a certain amount of a substance. Therefore, all Americans were taking less of something or only allowed a…

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