Rationale For Selection Of Nursing Interventions And Use Appropriate Literature

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Rationale for Interventions
Provide rationale for selection of nursing interventions and use appropriate literature such as text, articles, and internet sites to support internet sites to support choices.
As cited in Calm clinic (2014), “Another interesting strategy that can be very effective for controlling anxiety is journaling. Your mind is known to relax when it knows that your thoughts are in one permanent place, giving you an opportunity to experience less anxiety over the thoughts of the day”.
“In the presence of anxiety-provoking thoughts and events, a common physiological symptom is muscle tension. Physiological tension is diminished through a systematic approach to releasing tension in major groups. A relaxed state that is achieved typically through deep chest breathing” (Potter and Perry, 2014, pp. 484-485). This relaxation training will reduce client stress response
Regulate moderate exercise, such as walking, running, or lifting weights, three times a week, has proven helpful for depression and anxiety disorders, including panic attacks (Hales & Lauzon, 2013, p. 83).

To achieve the highest possible health of a client, nurses’ decisions are influence by a lot of factors such as five steps of nursing process, four metaparadigm concepts, smart criteria and determinants of health. Using these different concepts, nurses can provide a focus lists of diagnosis based on the client needs will make things much easier.

Nursing process

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