Rational Strategy : Human Resource Management Essay

2059 Words Apr 29th, 2016 9 Pages
Thoughts on Rational Strategy and Dynamic Strategy in Human Resource Management.

This week’s lectures dealt with organizational strategies and structures, changes and drivers within the organization, and innovation. I find organizational strategy--specifically the difference between rational strategy and dynamic strategy--most interesting to follow, as it highlighted different work experiences I had before. Rational strategy is about using logic to determine what to do, after taking the current environment to count. In rational strategy, everything around the person is assumed to be clear and the inner workings bare. Any and all decisions the person makes is based on the observatory data. Of course, the environment itself is ever changing, and dynamic, which creates a big weakness in rational strategy, as what is efficient and effective today, might not be as much tomorrow. This is where dynamic strategy shows its strength. By dealing with day-to-day situation incrementally, such strategy offers an accurate way forward. However, should one be used in exclusion to the other? In recent times, companies have become increasingly appreciative of the employees’ human factor. A human being is capable of learning great amount of data, and evolve into something that is greater than before. Therefore the same companies spend money to invest in their employees’ to further their knowledge and skills, in hopes that such investment will have a sustainable return. Humans are…

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