Kantian Deontology: The Formula Of Humanity

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A baby should be allowed to become an end rather than a mere means, as existence matters to everyone. Kantian Deontology provides an individual the ability to determine what is morally right and wrong. This theory focuses on the concept to treat others respectfully and to treat others the way they would want to be treated; this is based on the categorical imperative standard.
In the Formula of Humanity, it is established that rational people should be focusing on treating other rational people as an end rather than a mere means. To simplify the formula, an individual should allow a person to provide a free, informed and voluntary consent of themselves rather than misleading them by lying, manipulating and betraying them. The formula of Humanity
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As an example, motivating a person is a different way of manipulation. Without extending the truth, the person may not be able to achieve their personal objective and may result in failing in their mission. According to the formula, this is considered wrong and acts against the moral rightness to the person. The formula allows the other party to provide a free, informed and voluntary consented decision to any decision request that is made. This is applicable to rational individuals who are capable of making these decisions based on these points. As per this theory, children, animals, and mentally-challenged people would not qualify as rational people because they do not have the necessary skills to express these points. The theory has strong points that would benefit society as a whole but also has flaws that do not acknowledge the weight of a situation in different circumstances.
After analyzing The Roth’s case study, it seems they were following the basic principles of the Kantian Deontology Formula of Humanity standard. The Roth family made a decision to end their child’s life because of abnormal physical properties; They fed the baby a lethal dose of tranquilizer. One their own, they assumed the baby would not have a healthy life as her problems would deter her to have a happy life. They made this assumption by themselves
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The theory guidelines show they did not need to treat the baby as an end but rather a mere means. The baby was not able to contribute her decision to live or die so the parents took it upon themselves to end her life. Even though the Roths followed the formula of humanity, they could have allowed the child grow older and dictate her own life choices. The child could not comprehend the decision of her future but it is understandable that any living human would choose life over death. This theory has provided a weak outcome that could have been altered with a different view of the

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