Essay about Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy ( Rebt )

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Rational emotive behavioral therapy or REBT, is a unique type of therapy that provides individuals an outlet to challenge their irrational beliefs. REBT examines these beliefs as they have shaped the client’s worldview, altered how they view themselves, and resulted in unhealthy damaging behaviors ("Lecture 3," 2015). Within using rational emotive behavioral therapy is its theory that shapes its application, the A-B-C-D-E therapeutic approach, and the application of this theory in a case study. There are three major principles of REBT. These include a look at the aspects of human functioning which include thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Frist, people and events do not make individuals feel a certain way whether it be good or bad. Second, it is the individual’s perception of them that produce the feelings of good or bad. Third, the individual’s perceptions are what influence their behavior (Smart Recovery, 2015). REBT has interventions within cognitive, emotive, and behavioral techniques that may be used to treat clients that have an addiction or substance use disorder. Cognitive interventions involve copping self-statements, cost-benefit analysis, psychoeducational methods, and problem solving. Emotive interventions include imagery, role playing, shame-attacking exercises, forceful self-statements, and forceful self-dialogue. Behavioral interventions call for homework, reinforcements, penalties, and skills training. All interventions are designed to assist…

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