Rational Decision Model

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The Decision-Making Process using the Rational Decision Model Within the decision making process, there are five steps that was used in making a decision. Relevant to my circumstance, the fourth step, the lack of participation error was the missed step in this case. In the Rational Decision Model there is a fourth step that says to implement the preferred course of action. This stage is where the actions or in this case decision are made. While I was making the decision to post the content I found. I can admit that I left out an important person in the decision process, ie. my manager, but with a time crunch and the CEO pushing me to release the work, I thought it would cost the company an opportunity for gaining profit with the post, so I …show more content…
Me for losing trust in our relationship, and her for taking on some of my duties, which will result in losing time to focus on other duties. Avoidance was present after the conflict, but tension was at an all time high. The uncooperative and unassertive actions being played out during the aftermath had proven to effect the quality of work for our department. The best way to result in a happy medium is to use the Win-Win conflict strategy. For the win-win conflict strategy to work both parties must have high levels of cooperativeness and assertiveness. To test this strategy, is to follow the three steps in establishing in understanding.
1. Does the solution to the conflict reaches both parties goals?
-If my manger and I feel this future arrangement will help us reach our goals, which is to regain trust and to build a better communication with discussing important decisions.
2. Is the agreement acceptable for both parties?
-My manager and I have to agree with the new
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Because of my lack of communication skills and behavior in this case has led to difficulties in the work space. I know going around my manger to use my idea to get attention from the company was not wise. This resulted in mistrust and tension with my manger. The theories I choose for this issue starts with increase the communication and to find ways to better connect when we are not around each other. The interpersonal barriers (personalities and emotions) involved is something that cannot be changed, but the direct conflict management strategies can decrease our differences and work together to get the job done. And the other recommended out book solution I gave can also be something to

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