Rational Choice Theory Of Criminal Behavior Essay

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Rational Choice Theory The Rational Choice Theory explains the idea that criminal behavior is planned. Human beings have the ability to make their own decisions, and delinquent behavior is a result of our choices. I agree with this theory to a certain extent. While a lot of criminal behavior is premeditated, some is just a reactionary, spur of the moment decision. Adolescents are often very irrational beings. They do things without thinking about the repercussions of their actions.
Positivism (Biological and Psychological) Positivists focus on the criminal more than the crime. They believe that criminals have physical attributes that distinguish them from the rest of society. I do not agree with the theory that physical attributes can separate a criminal from the rest of society. None of the studies given really proved any evidence of it. The other parts of the Biological theory, however, I can understand. The psychological portion makes sense as well, because some mental health issues can completely warp a person’s brain, making them do things other people wouldn’t.
Classical School of Criminology The Classical School of Criminology sees people as rational beings that can face the consequences of their action. They think people should be punished, not treated when they break the law. I do not agree with this theory. There are some people on this Earth who are not capable of rational thought, and they should be helped and supported, not automatically deemed a criminal and…

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