Essay Rational And Goals Within The Classroom

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Rational and Goals
Within the same classroom, there are a vast range of diversity in student abilities and needs (CAST, 2011; Rose & Meyer, 2002). It is unfair to simply categorize students into two groups, Regular and Special. Instead, recognizing the fact that each student is a unique individual (Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs, 2008) is significantly critical. The Australian government has been committed to deliver education that is programmed based on high-quality learning curriculums, which promote equity in sharing educational resources as well as acknowledge the learning needs and talents of all learners regardless of their background (ACARA, 2012). All young Australians should be provided with education that addresses their individual needs and talents (Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs, 2008). Nevertheless, the Victorian Teaching Profession Code of Conduct has also addressed the importance for all educators to provide equal opportunities for learners with various abilities to succeed within a supportive and resourceful learning environment (The Victorian Institute of Teaching, 2015).
However, despite how much current national policies and curriculums have highlighted the importance of acknowledging a wide range of individual differences in the classroom, it is still an issue that is commonly diminished within an Australian schooling context (Meo, 2008). How to deliver…

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