Essay on Ratifying The American Constitution Of 1788

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Ratifying the American Constitution in 1788, was the start of creating an effective national government. The process, however, was not easy considering the issues that arise, especially with the Founding Fathers. They believed to govern unified people that possessed virtue and natural aristocracy they would govern the country in the public’s interest. However, that did not happen automatically due to the illogicality views of not only the Founding Fathers but the state representatives. The virtue of men and women were different, women supposedly more domestic and privet, men were sophisticated and public. One of the biggest arguments between the Founding Fathers, how to run the government; a Republic supporting a French radical republicanism or Federalists pro-commerce a democracy. Additionally, slavery, should it be for or against the constitution for a white man to own slaves. As for the national debt, should states be responsible for federal debt or not. Moreover, the disagreement over the meaning of the revolution and the constitution, the revolution developed the Declaration of Independence, which stands for the power and liberty that has a good balance between local and central government. Creating a Continental Congress defending sovereignty, taxation and representation for our country. While the Constitution was created later, after the Articles of Confederation was not competent for the American people.
The virtues of men and women at this time were on two very…

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