Ratchet And Clank Analysis

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Ratchet & Clank

Teaser 1: Strap into the boots of Ratchet and his robotic companion in Clank in an epic interplanetary adventure!

Teaser 2: Join Ratchet & Clank, Captain Qwark, and his friends to fight the Blargs and the evil Chairman Alonzo Drek.

Teaser 3: Play as Ratchet and his tiny robot friend Clank and endeavor to save the galaxy from Chairman Drek and his Warbots and Blarg minions. Play the game which is based on the animated film which in turn is based on the old PS2 game. Use a vast array of weapons and collect bolts to upgrade your firepower as you progress.

Summary: Take the role of our furry Lombax friend Ratchet and his companion in Clank as they try to save the galaxy. Enjoy this fast-paced action adventure platformer:
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Without diving into a pit of spoilers, it simply expands on the tale told on the PS2 game with numerous additions. The story is about a man - who is a lombax, in this case - with big dreams, wanting to join an elite group of galactic heroes. But no, the story is far from being dark and serious. The characters, from the optimistic and upbeat Ratchet to the calm yet determined robot Clank are well-written. Even the villains, like Dr Nefarious and Chairman Drek are pretty memorable. Add in a cast of supporting heroes like Captain Qwark paired with a hilarious script, you’re in for a great …show more content…
At some point, you’ll also get access to a jetpack. Clank is also a functional companion, far from the useless sidekicks in other games (hi Ashley Graham). For example, he can turn into a helicopter/glider, allowing you to reach faraway places. Speaking of Clank, there are some levels that require you to actually use him, and these are as enjoyable as playing as Ratchet. (-- removed HTML --) Community (-- removed HTML --)

Ratchet & Clank is solely a singeplayer experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it with others. It has a dedicated subreddit and social media users are still churning out content and fan art. If you like the game, you’re not alone: there’s a large community online you would want to be a part of of. (-- removed HTML --) Graphics/Sound (-- removed HTML --)

Every presentation element in Ratchet & Clank is nothing short of fantastic, from its beautiful landscapes, fast-paced gameplay elements, and laugh-inducing writing. The visuals and storytelling are Pixar-esque, thanks to the outstandingly-created cutscenes and exemplary voice acting. The wisecrack jokes, sarcasm, and the script is beautifully written and will definitely give you bouts of hysterical

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