A Rhetorical Analysis Of AT & T

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Identifying the speaker of the commercial that is being communicated is AT&T. Some people may think that it is the band Rascal Flatts, but that is the source that AT&T is using to convey their message. I believe the speaker of this announcement is AT&T not only because it is the title of the video, but it is also the name of the movement that they are promoting. AT&T is trying to promote the topic of #X which is being represented as an announcement that it is not worth sending out a text message while behind the wheel. I think that this is the message that is being conveyed because in today’s time there has been a problem with the amount of accidents that are happening as result of people not being able to wait to send a text message out until …show more content…
Ethos is based on the credibility of the speaker and by using Rascal Flatts it ensures that the audience will be able to receive the message from someone that they can trust. I believe it is a great use of a credible source because they use a popular band which performs all around the country and is away from their family for long periods of time. If Rascal Flatts states that they do not text and drive even though that they are on the road all the time, than everybody can wait until they get home to send out a text message. Another appeal that Aristotle used was the appeal to a person’s emotions or known as pathos. Pathos is used to put a person in a certain state of mind or feeling. AT&T is targeting the emotions of people telling them it is not worth texting because you may injure yourself or somebody else leaving your family in a saddened state. I think this is an effective strategy targeting the pathos of people for this topic because this is a real world issue that is going on and by giving example of what may happen will stick with people better than just saying do not text and drive. Aristotle’s last appeal is about using logic or evidence to support your ideals instead of emotion, which is called logos. I do not believe that this commercial uses a logos appeal because throughout this entire commercial there are no statistics, but instead they target a more emotional

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