Rape With Impunity And Rape Essay

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Rape with Impunity Rape with impunity occurs repeatedly all around the world. Rape with impunity is when someone gets raped and the rapist does not get any consequence. Many young females and males get shocked and remain traumatized after rape. Sexual assault is considered one of the top non reported crimes. If the crime is reported, there is a miniscule chance that it will follow through to an arrest or a prosecution. Statistics from Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, prove that there is an extreme amount of fathers and family members that rape and impregnate their own kids, getting away with it and never being punished for committing the awful act of violence. There is an immense injustice when people’s lives change drastically due to a sexual assault, and the person who committed the crime is left with no punishment. Multiple groups are being made to raise awareness for the surprising frequency of rape with impunity all around the world.
Rape frequency differs from place to place, there is a higher rape percentage in smaller and less controlled areas. In Guatemala, almost all pregnancies of a female under fourteen years of age is due to a sexual assault by a family member. The pregnant young girl is forced to leave the house and her school because the schools do not accept anyone that is pregnant and showing. There are girls as young as ten years old who go all the way through the pregnancy, the infant can be born with several disabilities due to the mother’s…

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