Rape Culture Is A Way Of Victim Blaming Essay

726 Words Apr 28th, 2016 3 Pages
Rape culture is a way of victim blaming, similar to hegemony in that it shapes the way the society sees rape, it creates a cultural code which normalize and accepts rape as part of life. Predominately taking place in a patriarchal society, were men are in power, compared to a matrilineal society. The first step in changing Rape culture is through education, which should take place before college. During the presentation, it was mentioned that seventy-five percent of teens engage in sexual activities before college, with this being known the lesson of consent should not be pushed off till after sexual activities begin. Stereotypes only further push rape culture in a society where men are sexily active and aggressive while women need to be sexually passive, as explained by Cathy Young. This only supports the idea that men cannot be raped. While on college campuses, one out of fifteen men get raped. Additionally, in North Carolina they cannot even claim rape; as rape only refers to penile penetration of the vagina. What was she wearing, she was asking for it, slut, bitch, whore; are examples of victim blaming. No matter what a woman wears she is not “Asking for it,” the dependent variable is not that her shirt was too low. The dress code enforced in schools is teaching girls at a young age that boys cannot control themselves around uncovered shoulders, that it is the girls responsibility to cover themselves. This same belief can be seen more severely in places in the middle…

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