Campus Rape Research Paper

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Alex Lutz
November 21, 2016
Sociology 2100
Zach Oaster
Rape culture. Campus Rape is a prevalent issue across the United States, and even across the world. It affects many different people. The media portrays rape in a very different way than it may be happening. To uncover what’s happening, and to stop injustice, organizations like Rainn have been founded. Rainn is the largest anti-sexual violence prevention organization that helps with victim safety and prevention; they provide support for after you have been sexually assaulted. They inform you of the laws and policies of your state, and teach what you can do to be a political activist for anti-sexual violence. Despite the continued efforts of organizations like Rainn, the Claims makers for
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However, the process is rough for men too. Men who get sexually assaulted tend to be too proud to say anything. Because society tends to think to think that men can’t get raped by women, or heterosexual assumptions make it difficult for people to remember that most people who get raped are raped by other men. But that isn’t the case, sometimes it’s your boss, or someone you know. And if you’re getting sexually harassed by your boss and you can’t do anything about it because you don’t want to lose your job, that’s a form of rape culture. There aren’t very many opposing arguments to rape culture and not everyone knows it exists; society just seems to turn their heads away and accept it. There’s a lot of research behind rape culture with women, because statistics say they are sexually assaulted more than men. “When victims have been sexually assaulted, they experience “Han” it’s the suffering and testimonies of women” (Cited 2011). The victims struggle with who they are afterwards there’s a lot of self-blame and shame. Mentally, this experience can kill someone inside; the article talks about spiritual death, because physically you may be fine without a scratch on you. But this experience can cause you to lose grip …show more content…
Even worse, public universities that have high statistics of rape and sexual assault will be portrayed as such on the media, and may even receive reduced government funding. In some cases, universities don’t make as big of a deal about this as they should. That just shows that even when it comes down to rape, when money is involved, people keep their mouths shut. But it’s not like the public isn’t aware of this, they just tend to turn their heads a different away. At a party if I see a girl being sexually assaulted I would jump in and say that’s wrong. But a lot of people won’t, they would rather mind their own business than cause trouble. But they are making matters worse by not saying anything. A drunk girl passed out needs to get home safe and not get taken advantage of by a guy. The police recognize this as an issue as well. But we still seem to be telling girls not to walk out late and night, and don’t go to parties alone and not to take drinks from other guys. Instead of fixing the problem, victims are being blamed and told to be quiet and not make a fuss. But even if they are dressed promiscuously, that doesn’t mean that they are asking for it. We need a better solution for sexual assault and the solution isn’t just for girls to cover up more. They need to fix the justice system that is put in place because the

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