Rape Culture Has Been A Plague For The Population Essay

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Rape culture has been a plague for the population. This is no revelation. The stigmas surrounding female victims of assault, both sexual and domestic, are damaging to the functioning of society. There are a few proponents that keep violence against women alive, the backbone being that this cancer is taught to each generation from a small age and cultivated throughout the years as underlyingly acceptable. The roots stem deeply into the stigmatization of the victim, the over-sexualization of young girls, as well as careless slang birthed from oppressive values. The father of victimology is commonly known as Benjamin Mendelsohn; he was truly the first to academically understand the importance of the victim. According to Marvin Wolfgang though, Hans von Hentig was the one who placed that the victim plays an integral role in crime. Unfortunately, what came out of Hentig’s victim tunnel vision was what is now referred to as ‘victim blaming’ which is “the notion that somehow victims contribute to their own victimization” (Winterdyk & Cale, 2016). Victimization has been a column of rape culture because it leads to the nasty practice of telling women that they had a fault in their own assault. Winterdyk and Cale recorded the Global News report in 2013:
“A survey conducted by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which revealed that victim-blaming still occurs in Canada, especially in cases of sexual assault… One in five Canadians believed that woman may unwittingly and/or inadvertently…

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