Essay about Rape Culture By John Fidler

2556 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
Every two minutes in America someone is being sexually assaulted. Every two minutes there is another victim of rape. Every two minutes there is another person who may or may not get justice for a terrible crime committed against them. In today’s society these victims of sexual assault are shunned and blamed for these crimes do to the ever growing’ rape culture that is present in America. An article written by John Fidler that was published in Reading Eagle states, “’Well, what was she wearing?’ ‘I’ll bet she was drunk.’ ‘She probably was out alone.’ ‘You know she runs around with the wrong crowd.’ ‘Why is she ruining the lives of those nice young men (by reporting her rape)?’ and worse,” wrote Fidler (par. 3). These are examples of how people in today’s society reacted when stories about a rape were released to the public. However, all of those remarks have stemmed from the rape culture that is progressing throughout the American society. Rape culture is a term that is used in places where rape and sexual assault against women are normalized and the media glorifies rapists. Victim blaming, depicting women as objects or trophies, and using misogynistic language in everyday life is all part of the rape culture present in America’s society. Approximately 47% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance of the victim and around 98% of all rapists never spend a day in jail. All of these factors from society contribute to the rape culture in America and people denying that a rape…

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