Rape Culture And Its Effect On Society Essay examples

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Rape culture is very common in today’s society. Examples of rape culture are everywhere and have slowly made its way into everyday life that it is almost invisible. In definition, rape culture is a culture in where rape or sexual violence is condoned or normalized, but deeper in the definition there are other subjects such as victim blaming, objectification and much more. It is when the victims are told to avoid being raped instead of the rapists being taught to have common sense to respect individuals and not rape. Rape culture exists and is a great problem that needs to be terminated and addressed. Rape culture varies in many different forms. “In a rape culture, women perceive a continuum of threatened violence that rages from sexual remarks, to sexual touching, to rape itself” (Buchwald). “Cat calls” or unwanted sexual remarks and actions done in public, go hand in hand with rape culture. Despite many arguments, it is not a compliment. Do Men as well as women who cat call really expect a positive reaction? They think that the victims’ body is public property or open to social commentary. It is degrading and embarrassing. For instance, in one case, a man named Adrian Mendez in Florida pulled up his car next to a 14-year-old girl and offered her 200 dollars to have sex with him. Of course the young lady refused and as soon as she denied his request he reaches out of his car, drags her by the hair into his car, chokes her until she passes out, throws her out of his car…

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