Essay on Rape : A Special Case Crime

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Rape: A Special Case Crime Sex crimes are more common than many other crimes and are one of the most underreported crimes in today’s society. In most cases the victim and offender know each other but there are a significant amount of victims that do not know their attacker. Each year, rape kits across the country are stored on shelves and are left to collect dust. It is said that ninety-seven percent of rapist will never see jail time. How a forensic technician collects, packages and analyzes the evidence is crucial in solving a crime and without the evidence rapists would never see jail time one-hundred percent of the time.
A rape or sexual assault can occur almost anywhere but some common locations include vehicles, hotel rooms, residences and outdoor areas. One of the most important things when processing a rape scene is to determine the exact location which does not necessarily mean a bed. The scene should be photographed and there should be documentation of any signs of a struggle such as a damaged door or lock and furniture in disarray.If the incident did happen on bed make sure when collecting bedding to label it so the orientation of the bedding is known. Each item of the bedding should be bagged separately, wrapped carefully in clean evidence paper. Alternate lighting should be used to find fibers, hairs and seminal fluids, and an acid phosphate presumptive seminal fluid test can be performed. Next, if the victim is up to it a rape kit should be performed by a…

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