Essay on Rap : R & B / Soul Music

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R&B/Soul music is indicative of the black community evolving from jazz, funk and even some rock & roll. It is music from the soul. Thinking about change dwelling from cries of the heart, this genre is known for being a conduit to better days. I chose hip-hop as a necessary genre because its entire purpose was initially to reflect on the daily struggles facing the black community. Rappers were looked at as the keepers of the culture. They used music as their platform to speak out against the injustices that have long been plaguing our communities. Black people have always used music, dance, and song to celebrate and communicate with one another. Though the style and delivery has changed and developed through the years, many R&B and hip-hop artists still uphold the same intentions and responsibility of fighting for change. I have selected two different songs that speak to a similar message which is to bring recognition to what is happening in the world, and to ultimately do something about it.
Reagan- Killer Mike
Though I’ve never heard this song prior to this assignment, I believe it goes along perfectly with the other chosen song. It’s disheartening to know that two songs made decades apart can have not only similar meanings but almost equal relevance. This song addresses not just the system or the “powers that be” but also calls out black people for not doing enough to fight it. He states, “We brag on having bread, but none of us are bakers, We all talk having greens, but…

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