Rap Music Vs. New School Vs. Old School Rap

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Wordplay, lyrics, poems and storytelling rap comes in different types of forms from different types of people. Rap music, one of the formally genres of music that is still very popular today. Rap was originally started in the late 70s it became very popular over time, it reached its peak in the late 90s. Legends in the 90s such as Tupac, Biggie and Nas changed the game and created beautiful pieces of art with their words. Or do you prefer new school? Future legends such as T.I, Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco. All of these artist have had pretty successful careers selling albums gold and platinum.
Rap is everywhere do you prefer the East coast or the West coast, the dirty south or the Midwest. You have legends in the west coast such as Tupac and Biggie. Don 't forget about younger talent such as Kendrick Lamar. Or how about Lupe Fiasco and the Midwest? You have the king of the South T.I.. You have legends from the east coast that had a influential impact on society Nas and Biggie. Rap has been very relevant over time but do you prefer the classics or the new school?
Statement of the Problem This researcher wants to study six particular artist from different regions and compare them to
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Good rap and average rap should be defined in this study. What will be learned from this study? Will high school Seniors choose old school rap or new school rap. Which one will be considered greatest at rap. Younger and older rap fans can benefit from this study. An opportunity to see what the average adolescent prefers to listen to today. The legends and greats will be separated in this study conducted. This study will clarify how popular the classics compare to the rappers of today. The six rapper chosen will be compared in relevance of their music in sales, the success of their albums and lyrical skill. The benefit of this study is to define the legends from the greats in

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