Rap Music Leads to Crime &Should Be Labeled a Deviant Behavior

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We need to impose law and sanction authority upon rap music that is verbally racist, demoralizing and abusive. Rap music has played a huge role in this generation for kids, ages 13 to 18 and has powerfully influenced their thoughts as rock music influenced teenagers in the past. The difference is that a lot of rock music talks about love, political activeness, or sometimes the telling of a simple story. All in all rock music for the most part was not as derogatory as rap music is today. Sometimes rock music could contain subjects such as violence, and the use of mind altering drugs as lyrical subject matter. Conversely Rap music lends itself to subject matter promoting violence, gangs, drug use, racist lyrics, and an overall negative …show more content…
The purpose of this proposal is to control the rappers words since there could be direct link between listening to rap music and committing these violations and crimes. Just as in 2003, allegations had been brought upon a young teen for shooting two police officers and a dispatcher and claims he was inspired by the violent video game Grand Theft Auto.
In summary, the reasons for this proposal to include Rap Music as an illegal deviant behavior are:
1. Lyrics objectify women. This includes content that is sexually explicit, discusses matters of prostitution, exploitation and/or articulates a perception of women as inferior and subservient to men.
2. Lyrics that glorify violence. This includes content that discusses gang violence in a positive light, suggests violent acts (stabbings, shootings, etc.) as practical resolutions for conflicts, makes light of general acts of violence and endorses violence or mutiny against law enforcement.
3. Lyrics that glorify other types of crime besides murder. This includes content that praises drug trafficking, encourages robbery and other forms of larceny.
4. Lyrics that glorify violent crime such as felony crimes like murder and rape. My opponents will no doubt argue that the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech. Insofar as I see it the freedom of speech ends when one incites others to break the laws

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