Rap Music And Its Influence On The Country 's Multi Ethnic Population Through A Diverse Array Styles

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Spoken word, rhyming lyrics, spitting bars, or rapping. It is the technique of an individual expressing content with a particular rhythm or beat. “Rap” has been extremely important for a people of all genders and ethnicities for many past generations and it is especially influential in the current modern culture. The history of this word goes back to the 16th century, said to be originated in Africa, and over time it has evolved with generations to become the great phenomenon to currently be embraced along with the extensive amounts of popular culture today. Over time, the rhyme scheme, rhythm, delivery, performance, literary techniques, diction, and dialect has matured and refined, gaining an impressive global audience. Rap music has caused an enormous social impact throughout history due to the new musical styles and genres that have been developed, tremendously reflecting the country’s multi-ethnic population through a diverse array styles. The word “rap” was originally used in British English, originally meaning “to converse, to quickly speak, or to repartee”, which predates the current musical form of the word. Rapping can also be traced back to its African roots, centuries before hip-hop music existed, people used to deliver stories over drums or sparse instrumentations. And according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first recorded use of the word “rap” was in 1931, with the meaning “to speak to, recognize, or acknowledge acquaintance with someone” (Fowler). By…

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